Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Success Stories

“Every step of the way this team gets it right from reception to doctor visit to billing – customer service, professionalism and knowledge is ever-present throughout your experience.” -Teresa W.

“I would highly recommend the pellet therapy over hormones creams. I started with creams and the result was improvement in energy and mood, however I was expecting more. I tried the pellet therapy and the improvement was HUGH! My energy has increased by leaps and bounds. I went from 4 hours of sleep to 6-7, and sometimes 8 hours. My mood, energy, and emotions improved 10-fold. I felt the difference within 10 days of the initial pellet. Do it!” -Anita D.

“I’ve been to 5-6 different doctors who could never help me or find what was causing my symptoms. After the first visit with Dr. Varano and beginning supplements, I’m feeling better already!” -Mindy P.

“With a lifetime of general good health and physical fitness, I like all of us could no longer fight the aging process. Enter BodyLogicMD, although the process is inevitable, it is now managed more on my terms. My energy and sense of wellbeing has been magnified exponentially. The medical management is not just wonderful, but comforting. I could not recommend BodyLogicMD more!” -Bob G.

“In just one week after my O-shot procedure, my sexual experiences with my husband have become much more intense. Orgasms have been easier to achieve. So far, I am really happy with the results.” -Monica R.