Bioidentical Hormones Explained

Kenneth Varano, D.O. owns and operates BodyLogicMD in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. As an Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine Specialist, Kenneth Varano, D.O. uses a combination of nutrition and exercise therapy, stress reduction techniques, and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to help his patients experience optimal wellness at any age. Kenneth Varano, D.O. made the switch from practicing traditional medicine to offering his patients holistic and preventive care several years ago, wanting to give his patients the level of care they needed and deserved. Dr. Varano felt he could do this by offering them lifestyle guidance and natural solutions and alternatives that would help prevent diseases from developing in the first place.

After receiving his undergraduate degree in 1989, Doctor Varano went on to complete an advanced degree in Osteopathic Medicine in 1994. In addition to being part of the BodyLogicMD network of highly trained holistic physicians, Kenneth Varano, D.O. is Board Certified in Family Practice and a current member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine. Throughout his long career, Kenneth Varano, D.O. has completed extensive training through the Anti-Aging and Regenerative Fellowship. This allows him to offer his patients the latest that preventive medicine has to offer.

Hormones Used In Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

The term estrogen actually describes the functioning of estradiol, estriol, and estrone.  Estrogen is primarily a female hormone produced in the ovaries, fat tissue, and adrenal glands. Men also create small amounts of estrogen in their testes. A lack of estrogen can lead to hot flashes, night sweats, thinning bones, fatigue, mood changes, sagging breasts, wrinkling skin, thinning or dull hair, and breakable nails. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy designed to treat estrogen imbalance has been shown to relieve symptoms of estrogen dominance and deficiency, and alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Testosterone is primarily a male hormone, but it is also present in smaller amounts in women. Both genders experience the effects of too little testosterone, including weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, depression, and low sex drive. In addition, men with unbalanced testosterone levels may experience unwanted breast growth. Replacing deficient testosterone with bioidentical hormones continues to help thousands of men overcome andropause related symptoms such as sexual dysfunction, insufficient energy levels, and more.

Pregnenolone is a steroid hormone that is first synthesized by cholesterol and then created in the adrenal glands. Pregnenolone, along with the hormone DHEA, is responsible for creating testosterone and all other hormones in the body. Because it is made from the supporting tissues in the brain, pregnenolone activates neurological receptors that alternately stimulate and calm the brain. When this level of hormone is too low, people are likely to experience fatigue and problems with concentration and memory. Mood disturbances are also common, with depression and irritability being the most frequent complaints.
This hormone, which is secreted by the adrenal glands, is the foundation for both male and female sex hormones. These are also known as androgens and estrogens. When DHEA is out of balance, it can also affect the production of estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. People with unbalanced DHEA often complain of aching of the joints, lowered sex drive, a decreased immune system, fatigue, depression, and loss of muscle mass. Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to maintain optimal DHEA balance can help the body function efficiently and reduce the risk of DHEA related side effects.
Insulin is a hormone that is secreted in the pancreas to balance blood sugar. People that eat large quantities of sugar can eventually burn out the cells that secrete insulin in the pancreas, which can lead to Type II Diabetes. A high sugar diet can also lead to insulin resistance, which occurs when the body gets so used to insulin being in the bloodstream that it stops recognizing it is present, rendering it unable to balance blood sugar. Insulin resistance can also lead to Type II Diabetes. A Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help the body detect and maintain proper insulin levels preventing many symptoms related to insulin resistance.
Without progesterone, women cannot have a menstrual period or maintain reproduction. Progesterone is the second primary female hormone, and it helps to balance the functions of estrogen and prevent estrogen dominance. Common symptoms of low progesterone include bloating, water retention, fatigue, mood changes, irregular periods, increased PMS symptoms, dysmenorrhea, weight gain, infertility, and amenorrhea. Maintaining proper progesterone balance with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is tried and proven method to regulate the progesterone hormones and prevent symptoms and conditions related with progesterone imbalance.
Although the technical name for this hormone is cortisol, some doctors and lay people refer to it as the stress hormone. The adrenal glands produce and secrete cortisol in response to stress, also known as the fight or flight response. Because many people today live highly stressful lives, they may have unbalanced levels of cortisol present in their bodies. Left unchecked, this can lead to Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain. Balancing cortisol levels in the body with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can prevent a stress breakdown and leave patients feeling energized and well equipped to deal with anything life throws their way.
Kenneth Varano, D.O. of BodyLogicMD in Philadelphia Pennsylvania uses state of the art diagnostic testing to identify each unique patient’s hormonal needs as well as their current state of health and wellness. From these results, Dr. Varano then designs a custom wellness program integrating Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and fitness and nutrition plans tailored to the needs of each unique patient.

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